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We create individual and corporate energy solutions according to your needs.

Our Goal

Our goal is Provide permanent and long-term service with the latest technologies throughout the world as a global company

More efficient.
More sustainable.
Meyer Burger.

EXPOb2b International, Meyer Burger Offical Distribitor
For over 30 years, our technologies have been shaping the solar world and providing clean energy. Now we’re taking the next step. With Swiss precision and German engineering, we have developed next-generation solar modules. Powerful, elegant, forward-looking.

Made in Germany. Designed in Switzerland.

Expo Energy Engineering

Made in Germany.
Designed in Switzerland.

Whether with our BLACK, WHITE or GLASS modules – we always have the perfect solution for your needs. Make yourself independent, and discover the unique performance of our modules for yourself:

Meyer Burger BALCONY

Meyer Burger Balcony is the result of careful
consideration and reflects our core values:
Sustainability, transparency and the highest
quality standards.
Maximum aesthetics and performance in a
limited space
It consists of one or two high quality Meyer
Burger solar modules, future-proof 800-watt
An intelligent control unit and reliable mounting
systems for many need as an accessory
The components come from German

Meyer Burger TILE

Dimensions(mm): 495x332x26,3
Weight: 2.6 Kg
Efficiency: 16 percent
6 half cells, mono n-Si, HJT with SWCT®
Highly resistant to weather and environmental
Performance after 1 year: 99% of rated power
Performance after 30 years: 93,2% of rated power
Easy setup, mounting with 4 screws
30 years product and performance guarantee
Lead-free & PFAS-free.

Black – the epitome of elegance

Rated power 375–395 Wp
Efficiency: 20.4–21.5 percent
Modern, elegant design
Black backsheet foil
Module with 120 half-cells, monocrystalline n-Si, HJT (heterojunction) cells
Dimensions (mm): 1,767 x 1,041 x 35
Weight: 19.7 kg
25 years product and performance warranty

White – the top performer

Rated power 380–400 Wp
Efficiency: 20.7–21.7 percent
White backsheet film
Module with 120 half-cells, monocrystalline n-Si, HJT (heterojunction) cells
Dimensions (mm): 1,767 x 1,041 x 35
Weight: 19.7 kg
25 years product and performance warranty

Glass – simply special

Rated power 370–390 Wp
Efficiency: 20.6–21.8 percent
Transparent glass back
Module with 120 half-cells, monocrystalline n-Si, HJT (heterojunction) cells
Bifaciality factor of 90 percent
Dimensions (mm): 1,722 x 1,041 x 35
Weight: 24.4 kg
30 years product and performance warranty

For all our modules, we offer an industry-leading warranty package for Solar technologies. As standard, our modules come with a product warranty of 25 years for glass-film modules and 30 years for glass-glass modules. In addition, we guarantee reliable and stable performance over the years: The performance of all our modules is still 92% after 25 years. In our glass-glass modules, we are guaranteed up to 93% after 30 years.

Premium quality made in Europe.
We develop our solar cells and modules in Switzerland and manufacture them exclusively in Germany. This means not only shorter lead times, but also more local added value. Because we do good work, train experts and contribute to the sustainable economic development of the regions.

Own Renewable Energy with
German Technology and Engineering

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Advantages of our modules at a glance

Maximum performance Up to 20 percent more energy efficiency, even in low light conditions such as morning and evening hours or cloudy skies. Maximum endurance. Decades of guaranteed yield.

Premium quality Made in Europe

Maximum stability.
Patented SmartWire grid structure makes modules extremely robust and shatter-resistant
And since we already source many materials from European suppliers, we are armed against interruptions in the supply chain.

Clean energy for today, tomorrow and beyond

We manufacture our modules exclusively in Germany. Unlike other manufacturers, we strictly avoid using lead and use significantly less solvents. And our modules are recyclable in line with circular economy principles.

EXPO Energy Engineering

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